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A History of catechesis for Pietro Braido

The volume does not want and does not dare to draw a “universal history” of catechesis and catechisms in the modern era. Merely highlight a few deemed most significant moments of the fact catechetical. Attention is paid mainly to Europe (which, incidentally, was then the heart of Christianity) and, in Europe, rather Italy, France, Austria, Germany, in part to Spain. But even for these countries they have recalled all the important moments and all the stakeholders. Are absent, however, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain, Ireland, the Slavic countries not belonging to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Canada, the United States, Africa, Oceania. It must be recognized, however, that all of the excluded, in no small measure, were tributaries of production and catechetical methods brought from Europe by European operators. The various “moments” historians are grouped into four basic angles, which roughly correspond to the same historical periods.

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