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  1. The COI offers as its specific mission, the permanent monitor (for the duration of the project) at international level; it is principally based at the knowledge of the global catechesis understanding (ordinary practice, catechism, catechetical aids, experimental practice), at the recognition of catechetical reflection (historical studies, theoretical research, experimental research) and at the documentation of every ecclesial initiative that proposes similar purposes at the catechetical practice and / or at the catechetical reflection.
  2. The main intention of the COI consists in the research and documentation of the different cultural products and experiences of these areas of investigation, in their conservation in a database of archive, published on the site of the Observatory.
  3. The mission of COI is essentially based at the design coordination of the research and documentation; the experimental activities, if you deem appropriate, will be an object of time to time approval of the Faculty of Science of Education
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