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Transformar a experiência educativa


The “CREMOS” series, in its third volume, seeks to broaden the reflection on how the daily life of the classroom contributes to the evangelization of a Catholic school. The school curriculum is proposed as a tool through which schools are created, aiming at the integral education of students. The proposals in this book are based on contents aimed at dialogue and transforming the educational experience in favor of a more just and supportive society. .

Author: Ir. Isaura Paviani, mscs; Carmen Lussi Ir. Janete Aparecida Ferreira, mscs; Sérgio Rogério Azevedo Junqueira; Patricia Lupion Torres; Rosilei Ferrarini; Go. Raquel de Fátima Colet; Go. Valeria Andrade Leal; For example. Patrizio Samuel Batista; Neusa Spagnol; Gustavo Luís Prado Ribeiro; Bruno Marcio de Castro Reis.

Organizers: Raffaella Lupion; Sérgio Rogério Azevedo Junqueira; Alex Bastos, SFO

Weight: 206
Pages: 176
Format: 14 x 21 cm
Finish: Brochure




Cardinal Dom João Braz de Aviz, Crer é dom e educação é graça!, 8

Presentation, 12

Chapter 1

Isaura Paviani, MSCS, Curriculum Evangelizing,18

Chapter 2

Carmem Lussi – Janete Aparecida Ferreira, MSCS, Educating others: support and sensitivity for the diversity caused by migration, 32

Chapter 3

Sérgio Rogério Azevedo Junqueira, Religious teaching: space for dialogue, 50

Chapter 4

Patrícia Lupion Torres – Rosilei Ferrarini, RRI and scientific training before living in Casa Comum, 66

Chapter 5

Raquel de Fátima Colet, Ecumenical dialogue in Catholic schools, 84

Chapter 6

Valéria Andrade Leal, Celebration and meeting, 100

Chapter 7

Patriki Samuel Batista, Campanha da Fraternidade na Escola: creating social friendship networks, 116

Chapter 8

Neusa Spagnol, Young people and pastoral opportunities, 132

Chapter 9

Gustavo Luís Prado Ribeiro, Young people and life plans, 152

Chapter 10

Bruno Márcio de Castro Reis, Student volunteering: interfaces between the Base Nacional Comum Curricular and the Escola em Pastoral, 160

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