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Acompanhar toda a comunidade educativa

The second volume of the “CREMOS” series presents reflections on the accompaniment of the entire educational community in its different dimensions and segments. In line with Pope Francis’ proposal, the authors speak of a “school of life”, which effectively promotes evangelization in its practice of integral education, committed to the Gospel.

Author: Aline Ferreira – Peterson Fernandes; Luciane Hilu; Raquel Pasternak Glitz Kowalski; Ir. Rosangela de Melo Campanharo, SMI; Rita Kleinke; Gregorio Rial; Faustino dos Santos; Mary of Lourdes Rossi Remenche; André Ricardo Gan; Gustavo Candido Ornelas.


Cardinal Dom João Braz de Aviz, Crer é dom e educação é graça!, 8
Presentation, 12
Chapter 1
Aline Ferreira – Peterson Fernandes, A Catholic school today: tradition, innovation and spiritual heritage 18
Episode 2
Luciane Hilu – Raquel Pasternak Glitz Kosalski, Being a community: an open education in harmony with the reality of two students 36
chapter 3
Rosangela De Melo Campanharo, SMI, Escola Católica na contemporaneidade: a challenge for the Imaculada Rede de Educação, 56
chapter 4
Rita Kleinke, A Catholic school: an institution that educates from its conceptions, 78
Chapter 5
Gregorio Rial, Fraternity is learned: an educational perspective from the Encyclical Letter Fratelli tutti, 96
Chapter 6
Faustino dos Santos, Anti-racist education in Catholic schools, 110
Chapter 7
Maria de Lourdes Rossi Remenche, Integral education and evangelization in the contemporary world: between guiding documents, concepts and practices, 132.
Chapter 8
André Ricardo Gan, A gestão in the administrative, pedagogical and pastoral field in the context of the Catholic school, 148
Chapter 9
Gustavo Cândido Ornelas, The plan in Escolar’s pastoral practice, 164

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