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Viver o Evangelho hoje


Responding to Pope Francis’ appeal to think of education as building the future of humanity, the “CREMOS” collection was organized on the basis of two budgets created by the Compêndio de Pastoral Escolar for Catholic Schools. It aims to broaden the reflection on how to orient, organize and implement an effective action so that the aim of education is united with the purpose of the Church, starting from the Gospel, and is realized in daily school life. This first volume aims, on the basis of texts by different authors and reflections, to discuss how to live the Gospel also in Catholic education.

Author: Pe. Júlio César Evangelista Resende, OSC; IR. Afonso Murad, FMS; Ir. Cláudia Chesini, ACSC; Br. Vitorio Mazzuco Filho – Rosa Maria dos Santos; Sonia de Itoz; Douglas Silvino de Camargo; Br. Marcelo Toyansk Guimarães; Alex Vicentim Villas Boas; Aline Vicentim Villas Boas; Jardelino Menegat Roberto Carlos Ramos

Organizers: Raffaella Lupion; Sérgio Rogério Azevedo Junqueira; Alex Bastos, SFO

Weight: 256
Pages: 212
Format: 14 x 21 cm
Finish: Brochure


Preface, 8

Presentation, 12

Chapter 1

Júlios César Evangelista Resende, OSC, Fala com knowledge, ensina com amor, 18

Chapter 2

Afonso Murad, FMS, A fascinating surprise: follow the leaf of Jesus, 36

Chapter 3

Cláudia Chesini, ACSC, Educar do jeito de Maria, 56

Chapter 4

Vitorio Mazzuco Filho, Charisma and identity in education: driving elements for educating with love, 72

Chapter 5

Sonia de Itoz, A new pact for life: Global educational pact, 90

Chapter 6

Douglas Silvino de Camargo, Reading from Pastoral Escolar starting from Evangelii Gaudium, 106

Chapter 7

Marcelo Toyansk Guimarães, Laudato si’: na oração de São Francisco, o Grito da Terra e dos probres, 122

Chapter 8

Alex Vicentim Villas Boas – Aline Vicentim Villas Boas, Laudato si’ and educação para a complexity e interculturalidade, 144

Chapter 9

Roberto Carlos Ramos, School management as a space for transformation, 162

Chapter 10

Jardelino Menegat – Roberto Carlos Ramos, Gesture of education in complex times, 180

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